Ep. 51 Joe Fairless: Transitioning From Single-Family to Multi-Family with Creative Equity

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jf-homepage2Joe Fairless bought his first single-family investment properties in his home state of Texas after leaving a successful, but unrewarding career in advertising. After finding that multi-family investing offered greater returns and less inventory, he began making the transition to multi-family investing.

His first deal was managed through unconventional measures. Lacking the standing as a seasoned multi-family investor, Joe incorporated non-traditional, creative equity solutions for obtaining capital for his first 168-unit apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now founder of Fairless Investments, Joe controls millions of dollars in multi-family investment properties. Joe shares his experience in multi-family investing and provides tips for securing capital through creative equity methods.

  • Challenges for Single-Family Investors
    • Lack of credibility in multi-family markets
    • Traditional lending and private financing may be difficult to attain
  • Network Personal Contacts
    • This is a good practice for single-family investors to find financing by networking personal relationships for interest in multi-family investing
  • Strategic Networking
    • Network and affiliate with organizations that may not be lenders but have cash flow or may have eye towards investing
      • i.e. philanthropic organizations, community foundations, business groups
  • Establish Investment Base First
    • This does not mean a blind-fund or requirement of prior monetary investment
    • Form verbal contract with investors based on shared financial goals
    • Pursue investment opportunities that suit shared criteria
  • Structuring Deal With Investors
    • Preferred returns – investors get cash from deal before yourself
    • Acquisition fees
    • Performance hurdles
    • Post-sale incentives
  • Tips
    • Make yourself attractive to lenders and investors
    • Know the market, know the deal
    • Investing is starting a small business; structure so that you may sell that business. Don’t get tied down to an investment

Joe has his own daily podcast in which he interviews guests on a variety of real estate investment strategies

For more information on Joe, visit his website

You can also contact him by email at info@joefairless.com with questions or investment opportunities!

Joe also shares some helpful literature for single-family investors looking to make the transition:

Investing for Dummies – Eric Tyson

Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies – Peter Conti & Peter Harris

The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings - Steve Berges