Ep. 45 What Real Estate Investors Need to Know About the Family Office Market

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Brian_Prax_WebThe elusive family office market. Investors may have heard that it offers a deep pool for raising capital for deals, but for many it remains an enigma: a veritable El Dorado of investment capital, discussed in hushed tones in investment seminars and conferences throughout the country. What IS the family office market? How do you get involved in it?

This week, we have Brian Burke stop by. Brian is the co-founder and managing director of Praxis Capital, an investment firm that manages investments in a variety of markets. In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience in single and multi-family markets, Brian also has invaluable experience working in the family office market. He discusses what the family office market is exactly along with providing tips for working your way into the market.

  • Family Office Market
    • High net-worth families that need to invest
    • Usually managed by family member or RIA
    • Offers high investment opportunities, but difficult to get into
  • How to Get Into Family Office
    • Get Noticed – use word-of-mouth and alternative press (podcasts, radio shows) to get word out
    • Do not solicit to family office markets…You will be approached if there is an intereset
    • Attend family office conferences
    • Networking is key

For more information on Brian’s firm Praxis Capital or to contact his team, visit their website!


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