Ep. 110 Andrew Cohan: Investing in Vacation Properties through Branded Hotels

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investing in vacation propertiesFlorida, the dream destination. A vacationer’s paradise; the land of perennial sun and fun.

Florida has long been a favorite of vacationers. It has also been a favorite of those investing in vacation properties. Investing in vacation properties is a major market for Florida real estate investors.

We have discussed investing in vacation properties before. In ep. 39, we discussed investing in vacation properties using Airbnb, with Greg Bugay. This episode, however, focuses on the hotel market in Florida.


Who better to discuss that than Andrew Cohan?

Andrew Cohan is Managing Director for Horwath HTL, serving mainly Florida and the Caribbean. He is an expert on health and wellness resort properties and lends his expertise to determining optimum market demand for these types of properties.

This episode, Andrew discusses investing in vacation properties through branded hotels.

Miami Hotel Market

Investing in Vacation Properties through Branded Hotels

  • REITs
  • Condo-hotel units

Investing in Condo-hotel Units

  • Not a conventional, cap rate-type of investment
  • Unit investors typically earn about 40 percent back on investment
  • Owner, manager and developer of resort may be 3 separate entities
    • Investors need to know that circumstances may change over the investment’s life-time

Condo-hotel Draw for Developers

  • Quick exit, high return opportunity
  • Don’t have to worry about property management
    • Brand managers or non-brand managers

If you are looking to find out more about investing in vacation properties through branded hotels, you have more questions about acquiring a condo-hotel unit or you are a developer looking to transition to hotel/hospitality, you can contact Andrew directly by phone or email:

(305) 606-2898


Ep. 64 – Justin Ford: Florida Investor Knows How to Work the Vacation Market and Remain Flexible

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justin-ford-bio-picFlorida investors are familiar with the vacation real estate market; Florida is a strong, tourist-driven economy and seasonal and vacation real estate represents a large investment sector. Florida investors know that the vacation market has always offered prime investment opportunity. Despite it’s potential for success, the vacation market is a challenging and fast-paced market and many beginning investors often get caught in financial quagmires of bad investments.

Justin Ford, President of Pax Properties LLC, understands the “Florida market“. With over a decade worth of experience investing in Florida’s seasonal and vacation market, Justin has mastered real estate investing. Pax Properties currently owns and manages 30 properties (500 units) along Florida’s east coast, from Ft. Lauderdale to Jacksonville. Pax Properties has thrived due to Justin’s flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in the market. This episode, Justin shares with us his approach to marketing and investing in the Florida and shares tips and advice for beginning investors.

  • Florida is a strong vacation rental market
    • Hotels, condos, single-family/multi-family long-term and short-term seasonal rentals
  • Transient Apartment Licensing
    • Required license for operating vacation rental properties
    • Applies to hotels, apartments, single-family vacation rental, B’n’Bs, Airbnb, VRBO rentals
    • Dept. of Business and Professional Regulations
  • C.A.P.A. – Fundamentals of Real Estate
    • Cash-flow; Amortization; Positive-leverage; Appreciation
    • Investors can control all but Appreciation
    • Structuring deals around C.A.P. ensures more positive returns for investors than relying on Appreciation
  • Tips
    • Choose tenants carefully; good tenants can be difference between a good investment decision and a financial headache
    • Take advantage of Amortizing-loan finance options
    • Always be marketing and networking
      • Conventions, cold-calls, mailers

Justin also offers a course for investors that covers the fundamentals of investing. C.A.P. Strategy: Bubble-Proof Real Estate Investing for Lifelong Cashflow provides investors with in-depth insight into Justin’s investing philosophy. For more information, visit the website!

You can also check out Pax Properties’ asset portfolios here:www.paxproperties.com and www.beachpads.net

Justin can also be reached directly by email at justin@pax-properties.com