Ep. 96 Jillian Bandes: Making a Complex First Invest in Small Multifamily

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multifamily investListeners of the show will remember Jillian Bandes who, in episode 74, discussed what real estate investors should consider about building structure when looking at commercial multifamily investing. The project manager for Bandes Construction covered 6 hot topics on building structure and maintenance that investors should be aware of with commercial multifamily properties.

In this episode, we discuss Jillian’s first investment property….a single family home with an ajacent rental apartment.  She discusses razing the property, dealing with the local code and building officials and her plans on whether to rent the units or live in one and rent the remainder.  The property was purchased through a foreclosure and we cover the online methods now employed by Pinellas County.  Not only is this project about a potential home and investment, but Jillian is  passionate about blazing the trail for urban renewal and redevelopment in St Petersburg’s core and her unit is in the heart of a rapidly changing area.

  • Residential property permitting and zoning regulations differ from commercial properties
  • Property location
    • Choose property in an area you are familiar with
    • Walk surrounding neighborhood
  • If investment property, define target rental market
  • Due-diligence
    • If foreclosure property, know state of title (liens)
    • What is the property zoned for? Is property up to code? Accessory buildings permitted?
  • Work with local and municipal officials
  • St. Petersburg, Florida
    • Undergoing immense urban growth period
    • Investors need accessibility to invest in properties with potential for redevelopment/renewal
    • South St. Pete offers development opportunity and reasonable prices w/ proximity to cultural amenities

Jillian extends a big thank you to Carlyn Neuman of Tampa’s 360 Realty for helping to navigate online foreclosure bidding as well as to Katrina Trump of Bank of Tampa, for assisting with securing financing.


Ep. 62 – This Provision in the Tax Code Might Help You Acquire More Investment Property…..Faster

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home bundles of dollarsMany potential home buyers enter the housing market looking for something they can call “home”. Many look for a property based on personal aesthetics. However, these may not be the best indicators of a good investment property. Buying the ‘dream home’ may require a stringent, long-term financial requirement of the homeowner; one that may limit those who aspire to build an investment property portfolio. By purchasing a property for a primary residence not as long-term commitment but as a strategic investment decision, homeowners can take advantage of a provision in the IRS Tax Code that may enable them to acquire more investment property.

  • 26 U.S. Code § 121 – Exclusion of gain from sale of principal residence
    • Sale of property exempt from gains tax if property was held as principal residence for a minimum of 2 out of 5 years of ownership
    • Single taxpayers entitled up to $250k exemption
    • Joint filing taxpayers entitled up to $500k exemption
    • Mandatory, 2-year residency need not be contiguous
    • Applicable to one sale every two years, no limit on how often this may be done by homeowner
  • Things to Know
    • Look for properties that are good investment decisions
      • Sect. 121 only applies to exemption from Capital Gains Tax, meaning only a property that is being sold for higher than original purchasing price
    • Sect. 121 may not be good for those looking to have children.
    • Money saved in exclusion from gains tax may be used to acquire new properties
  • Exceptions
    • Check with tax adviser or C.P.A. for eligibility; you may still be eligible for partial exemption
    • Sect. 1031 Exchange – enables investors to sell a property with capital gains and receive a deferral on gains tax if purchasing a new one
      • If property was acquired as a replacement property and converted to a primary residence, investor must live in property for 5 yrs before qualifying under Sect. 121
    • Sect. 121 cannot exclude Depreciation Recapture Tax (25%)




Ten Suggestions for Landlords and Managers of Residential Properties – Josh Diggs

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Headshot_JoshOkay. So you have made the leap and acquired a real estate investment asset to begin your portfolio. The next step, managing the property, is a recurring problem that arises for many investors. Real estate needs to be managed. A poorly managed property is a strain on any investor’s time and finances.

Josh Diggs, of Palm Capital Partners of Tampa, shares with us 10 tips for successful and effective property management. With years of experience in owning and managing investment real estate, Josh has crafted the essential shortlist to property management. His 10 tips cover all the points landlords and managers need to know about residential property management.

  1. Due diligence on tenants
    1. Background checks, credit checks
  2. Don’t make exceptions on tenant-screening policies
  3. Don’t buy used appliances
    1. Repair costs on used appliances total more than purchasing new
    2. It is better and more cost-effective to purchase new appliances w/ warranties
  4. Condition forms
    1. Have tenants complete and sign formal acknowledgments of unit conditions upon move-in
  5. Be cautious hiring sub-contractors
    1. Cheap ones may be appealing but service is unreliable/faulty
    2. Referrals and word-of-mouth are best vehicles for finding reliable sub-contractors
  6. Bed tenants mean bad communities
    1. If existing tenants are bad influence on community, remove them
  7. Complete regular property inspections
    1. A/C, smoke alarms, etc.
  8. Always deal with tenant directly
    1. Don’t allow friends or family of tenant to intervene in matters involving the property
  9. Maintain timely property maintenance
    1. Waiting on necessary replacements and repairs may have serious long-term consequences
  10. Always be professional
    1. Regardless of situation, never allow personal matters to affect business

Josh’s company Palm Capital Partners, LLC is always looking for new investment opportunities. They are mainly interested in B+C multi-family properties.

If you have any questions on investing in the Tampa area or have a property you wish to sell you can contact Palm Capital Partners at 888-805-9317

or you can contact Josh directly at 727-859-6510