Ep. 100 Gavin Welch: Improve Your Quality of Life by Shortening the Time You Spend on Your Investment Properties

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Full-time real estate investors know more than anyone that there are only so many hours in the day. Finding time to actively land new investments can be hard when its necessary to manage other investment properties. Maximizing time is one of the most valuable tools a real estate investor can have. Shortening the time you spend on your investment properties can greatly improve your quality of life as a real estate investor.

investment propertiesGavin Welch, an entrepreneurial real estate investor, knows just how precious his time is. With seven properties in his portfolio and work commencing on an apartment development, Gavin has a lot on his plate. With a goal in place of acquiring 25 investment properties, Gavin simply cannot afford to spend time on everyday property management concerns for each of his properties. He has implemented a method that allows him to attend to his current investment properties while providing himself enough flexibility to focus on his investment goals.

Limiting Time Spent on Investment Properties

  • Landlording on Auto-PilotMike Butler
  • Google Voice
    • provides automated information for tenants and clients to call in for property info and maintenance requests
  • Limited property showings
    • Schedule property showings and open houses for set days and times cuts down on time spent visiting investment properties
  • Auto pay system for tenants
    • Tenants pay automatically when monthly bill is due. Landlords and property owners don’t need to spend time tracking down payments
  • Passive Marketing
    • Bandit signs circulate property availability
    • Youtube videos provide property details and photos
  • Property Uniformity
    • Using the same materials and paints on all properties greatly reduces time on maintenance and up-keep

Gavin is currently in the market for viable single family investment properties in the Lakeland, FL area. Suitable fix-and-flips or rental property offers may contact Gavin through his website by going to the Contact Us page. Listeners should also check out Gavin’s own podcast, The Real Estate Loop for more investing advice.

EP29 – Gavin Welch: 5 Tips on How to Find Off Market Real Estate Deals

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Finding Off Market Deals

For those new to investment real estate markets, pulling the trigger on a new potential property can be difficult. It is important to strategize and form a plan for your investments. A thorough plan will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to execute an investment property acquisition. Discovering untapped or overlooked real estate markets can also provide opportunity for investments.


Gavin Welch is real estate agent based out of Lakeland, FL. He has years of experience  in finding investment properties as well as managing several of his own. Gavin discusses five helpful tips for scouting these off-market properties and how you can build a successful investment base in these properties.

Gavin can be reached at:

Phone: 863-670-0303

In addition to his own podcast The Real Estate Loop, you can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Obtain evictions list from County Clerk
    1. Cross-reference names with Property Appraisers
    2. Notify landlord/owner of property interest with hand-written note in mail


  1. Scout absentee owners
    1. Absentee owner lists may be purchased or compiled manually
    2. Often property is inherited or owner holds little interest


  1. Build a strong referral base
      1. Word-of-mouth can be strongest marketing tool
      2. Networking, social circles, and family can all be sources of referral


  2. Seek abandoned or neglected properties
    1. Burned-out or mold-ridden properties may offer high returns
    2. Ask public service workers (garbagemen, mail person) or neighbors for information on properties


  1. Pull code violations from city code enforcement
    1. Owner may be eager to sell to cut losses or unable to continue costs of maintenance
    2. Code Enforcement Dept. may offer leniency with some violations if issues addressed

Book recommendation – Landlording on Auto-Pilot

Advice – Don’t get emotionally attached to the property you are buying or holding.

Learn what Gavin tells us about finding off market deals!