E35 Michael Quarles – Some Tips on How to Market and Find Winning Investment Properties

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2979 For new investors, marketing to potential investment opportunities is never the easiest part or most enjoyable part of building a strong and successful investment base. Even for seasoned investors, it can be difficult to maintain a steady level of return in increasingly competitive markets. In Florida large, multi-family market areas, including Tampa and Miami have recently seen a decrease in number of closings on property transactions.

As founder the largest direct-mail marketing site in the nation YellowLetters.com, Michael Quarles is an expert in the field of marketing and with over 1000 real estate deals under his belt, he can provide invaluable insight and tips on how to market and find winning investment properties. He shares with us some tried and tested marketing strategies proven to boost number of returns on investments.

  • Marketing is “oxygen and water” for business
  • Cast a wide net: Cluster Marketing offers greater returns
    • Bandit Signs
    • Direct-mailing
    • Cold Calling/Cold Greeting
    • Billboards
    • Car-Wraps
    • Radio/TV/Newspaper
  • Direct-Mailing is an effective marketing strategy
    • Variety of mailings available
      1. Yellow Letters – formatted to appear as handwritten notes
      2. Small/Large-Text Postcards
      3. Professional Letter
      4. Greeting Cards – sent in line with corresponding holidays
      5. Zip Letter – formatted to appear as government checks
  • Market to properties that hold sufficient equity-base
  • When marketing to commercial investments, use professionally drafted letters or professional ad-copy
  • Michael’s Tips for Successful Marketing:
    • Be Persistent
    • Be Consistent
    • Know and Employ Predictable Marketing Strategies
    • Negotiate Effectively

To find out more about the variety of direct-mail pieces available, visit: YellowLetters.com

Michael also has a blog where he offers advice and mentorship for investors who want to “stop investing passively and start investing massively!”