EP 31 – More Flood Insurance Changes

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When weighing projected costs for potential and current real estate investments, it is important to consider how to insure your investment as well as costs associated with that. In Florida, flood insurance for your property represents a significant facet to consider. Recently, Florida has undergone major changes in regards to insurance legislation which has had a dramatic effect on flood insurance requirements.

The Biggert-Waters Act, passed in 2012 ushered in major changes to flood insurance requirements and affordability. As a response to a budget deficit, Congress passed this law that took a drastic approach to the standing National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) parameters, notably, introducing a substantial hike in policy rates to take place within a year. The bill, now amended as the Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014, has extended the previous deadline of one year to an incremental increase over four to five years.


Chris Coleman of Coleman Insurance Agency based in Dunedin,FL discusses provides expert insight on changes that are occurring in flood insurance affordability and how you can manage your real estate investments under these new                 conditions.




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  • Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014
    • Changes Implemented Apr. 1, 2015
    • Amended Prior Biggert-Waters Act of 2012
    • Flood-zones Remapped
  • Introduces incremental price-hikes on all new/renew policies over 4-5 yrs.
    • 18% cap on residential
    • 25% cap on commercial
  • Changes to Deductible Limits
    • Limit Increased from $5k to $10k
    • Separate deductibles for building and contents (possible deductible up to $20k)
  • Be informed, know how to save
    • Opting for premium deductible may offer rate discount (up to 30%)
    • “Flood-proofing” property may decrease rates up to 70%

EP21 – How to Properly Insure Your Investment Property

mikeToday our guest on the show is Mike Buice from L&M Insurance discusses how to get the correct coverage on your investment properties.  Mike is also an investor of real estate.  Insurance for investment real estate is different from insuring your own personal residence.  Mike takes us step by step through various scenarios in insuring properties the right way.


Important Points Discussed on the Show

  • The 3 primary ways to title real estate investment properties
  • Determining the insurance that is right for you
  • Basic coverage policies for residential and commercial properties
  • Information on the different types of insurance that tenants need
  • Insurance on properties that were recently purchased
  • Biggest mistakes an investor can make when insuring their properties

Quote of the Show

“Insuring a property properly is vital.”-  Mike Buice

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding insurance you can contact Mike Buice at

813-672-4100 or visit the website at http://landminsurancegroup.com/ group.com.