Ep. 137 Ken Rosen: These Buying Strategies Can Help You Choose the Right Investment Property

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There’s no doubt we’re seeing a tightening market. In Florida, especially in the Tampa Bay market, we’re seeing demand outpacing construction; leading to higher prices in asset classes across the board. For investors, this means choosing the right investment property for your portfolio may take a little more work. That’s not to say a great investment isn’t waiting out there for you, it may just require a little creativity.

real estate buying strategiesKen Rosen knows a thing or two about creativity. As one of the leading innovators of South Florida real estate investing, Ken was a pioneer of condo conversions, reinvigorating the area’s multifamily market. Mr. Rosen has continued to be a driving force in South Florida real estate, working with a variety of asset classes before focusing mainly on office investing.

With over 30 years of investing experience and insight and over $500 million in transactions, Ken has earned a respected reputation among investors. He remains an active investor, mentor and educator as well as a best-selling author.

This episode, Ken provides his insight into where the market is at, where it’s heading, and how the right buying strategies can help you make the right investment.

“One good real estate investment is worth a lifetime of labor”

Buying Strategies for Smart Investments

  • Properties with long-term owners of high return opportunities
    • Under-market rates
    • Room to increase rents
  • Account for inflation when writing multi-year leases
    • Office, Flex, Industrial
  • Look for “B” buildings in “A” locations

Investment Properties to Watch

  • Self-storage
  • Multifamily


Check out Ken’s best-selling book, “Investing in Income Properties: The BIG SIX Formula for Achieving Wealth in Real Estate” for even more insight into Ken’s buying strategies.

For questions or investment opportunities, call Ken directly at (305) 469-6708 or email krosen@kendar.com




E36 – Jason Hartman – Building and Diversifying Your Real Estate Portfolio

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jason-hartman-speaking A common difficulty for real estate investors is making the jump into diversification: diversifying one’s investments can lead to larger returns and can provide supplemental support or income if one market fails, but it may prove intimidating to manage investments in several different market types. Investors are usually more comfortable investing in a single market rather than risk a loss in unknown markets.

For Jason Hartman, its all about diversification. Jason has been involved in the brokerage of several thousand real estate transactions and owned investment properties in 11 states and 17 cities. In his long career, Jason has championed diversification of investment markets and his company, Platinum Properties Investor Network assists investors with acquiring income properties in diverse markets. Jason joins us on the podcast to discuss his strategies for building and diversifying your real estate portfolio.

  • Diversify – Investors should be involved in about 3-5 different real estate markets
  • Be a Direct Investor – Starting investors should experience full control and ownership of property
  • Educate Yourself
    • Learn Your Markets
    • Podcasts, blogs, info products, and home study provide inexpensive and valuable Information
  • 3 Market Types
    1. Linear
    2. Cyclical
    3. Hybrid
  • FL is Good Hybrid Market
    • Good appreciation potential
    • Decent cashflow
    • Good diversification opportunity
  • All Real Estate is Local
    • No single “housing market”
    • About 400 local markets in U.S.
  • Top U.S. Markets
    • Memphis, TN – stable rental market
    • Little Rock, AR – landlord-friendly state
    • Indianapolis – strong industry, commercial growth
    • Atlanta, Birmingham, Kansas City also good markets
  • “Don’t Wait to Buy Real Estate…Buy Real Estate and Wait”

To find out more about Jason’s company or for more resources on building and diversifying your real estate portfolio, visit: jasonhartman.com

Contact Jason on Twitter at: @JasonHartmanROI

Also, tune in to Jason’s podcast for great advice and information on diversify your investments as well as increasing your financial literacy.