Ep. 129 Fund Your Real Estate Deal: From FNMA to Hard Money!

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fund your real estate dealFund Your Real Estate Deal

Did you know there is more than one way to fund your real estate deal? There are a lot of options available to investors, from mortgages, to bridge lending and hard money.

For our second live podcast event, we’re looking at two major avenues for real estate funding: institutional lending and hard money from private lenders. Our panel of experts answer questions from the audience and offer up tips and insight for finding and securing real estate funding.

Meet the Panel!

  • Frank Coto, III
    • Frank is the Founder and President of Lincoln Lending Group. Based in Tampa, Lincoln Lending offers flexible mortgage solutions for real estate investors and home-buyers.
  • Dan Feinman
    • Dan is a hard money lender and a real estate attorney as well as a hands-on investor, with a rental portfolio that he manages. He works with Starwood Capital Group as a capital partner. Through their partnership, he has transacted over $2.5 billion in non-performing notes and mortgages, and he is presently working with Starwood to raise a national hard money lending platform.
  • Bob Tosi
    • Bob is Vice President of EquityPro. Heading up EquityPro’s Tampa team, Bob assists in the brokerage of real estate for his clients: real estate investors.
  • Ben Yonge
    • Ben is the Founder and President of EquityPro. He heads EquityPro’s Orlando branch. He believes that the best real estate deals should benefit all parties.

Join us for our next live event Aug. 3rd!

Our next live podcast event will be focusing on commercial and residential evictions and will be hosted at our downtown Tampa office and conference space. For more information and event details, check out our Meetup page, Tampa Cashflow Meetup.


Ep. 108 Elysia Stobbe: Post Election Update & 3 Changes w/ SFR Investor Mortgages

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investor mortgagesElection years always have the potential to inject uncertainty into investment and securities markets… this year has been particularly interesting and it should be fair to say that the result of this election ties an enormous “?” to the end of 2016. Market uncertainty has been reflected in recent rate rises for investor mortgages.

Elysia Stobbe, NMLS# 146751 is not deterred by uncertainty. Elysia is not only a mortgage expert with NFM Lending, but with over 30 properties in her personal portfolio, she is also an experienced investor. She has shared her expert advice on numerous radio and television broadcasts and has authored a book on getting the best investor mortgages. She has been following changes to investor mortgages closely and is finding flexibility and continued promise for real estate investing.

3 Changes to Investor Mortgages

  • .5% hike in mortgage rates driven 10 year treasury bonds post-election
    • e.g. $300k loan sees monthly increase of $90
  • Fannie Mae (FNMA) loan-to-value down-payment requirement 25% up from 20%
  • Multi-property SFR (up to 4 units) investors can hold up to 10 mortgages if purpose is to purchase investment properties

Other News

  • Cash-out options have been increased for investment properties
    • Shows improved confidence in property equities
  • Return of bank statement programs to bank portfolio loans
  • Recent rise of investor rehab loans
    • Investors can save cash while making properties rent-ready

Finding Financing

  • Lot loans
  • Mortgage brokers/bankers
  • Community banks
    • While they may not be offer as much community banks generally offer better terms than national banks
  • Big banks
  • Alt. options: seller-financing; hard-money

Contacts & Resources

EP23 Dan Feinman – From Single Family Investor to Hard Money Lender and Note Buyer


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Dan Feinman went from Wall Street to Florida real estate investor. The stark differences in value between the New York and Florida real estate markets allowed Dan to recognize a real opportunity in front of him with property in Florida. In between, he managed to travel the world and marry , settling in the Tampa area and starting a family.

His entrance in to the world of single family investing was during the worst economic crisis in a lifetime. The downturn, however, did not hurt him or slow his progress. The dire economic situation allowed him to sharpen his skills and emerge stronger.  It allowed (or forced him) to be nimble and open-minded about how to make money in the business…teaching him lessons that will serve him throughout his career.    Dan used savings and savvy investment techniques to purchase his first investment properties.   He experimented with buy and hold, rehab and flipping and then taught himself how to lend to investors just like him.  We hope you enjoy Dan’s discussion of his journey.

Topics Discussed on the show…

–  Advantages of hard money 

–  Key factors to look at when purchasing an investment property

–  Keys to creating more equity

–  Building relationships with banks and other local lenders

–  Techniques for first time buyers

–  Strategies Dan uses to find good investment opportunities

–  Hard money Loans defined and dissected

–  Strategies in obtaining a hard money loan

Interesting Quotes from the show

“You have to love talking about real estate.“ –Dan Feinman

“You learn something new with every house flip that you do.” –Dan Feinman

“You have to do what you love.” –Dan Feinman

“The key to creating more equity is relationships” – Dan Feinman

“Fine the borderline of where a neighborhood is changing. You will find value there.”

Dan’s Favorite spot to hang out

The Hideaway Café in St. Petersburg, FL

Contact Information

646- 320 7997



Dan’s final piece of advice

Learn by doing and go ahead and take the plunge.