Ep. 106 Larry Goins: Finding Ways to Make Money in a Rapidly Rising Market

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ways to make money in a rising marketReal estate investors have heard the news, they’ve seen the figures: by all accounts, real estate markets are tightening up.

In all the major asset classes, investors are reporting rapidly rising markets, which translates to increased competition for deals. Some investors are starting to wonder how far until they hit the ceiling and would-be investors are wondering how to make money in real estate if opportunity isn’t knocking.

Larry Goins stopped waiting for opportunity to come knocking a long time ago.

As a 30-year veteran of real estate investing, Larry has tried his hand at just about every asset class. Over the years, he has learned that opportunity may not always present itself, but it is always there waiting.

Larry has become a master of finding ways to make money in real estate through his many years of investing experience and he is helping others find the same.

Based out of South Carolina, Larry currently wholesales, buy-and-holds properties and offers seller financing in 12 different states, including Florida. In addition to his active investing lifestyle, Larry provides a remarkable resource for investors to learn the ins-and-outs of real estate investing. Through numerous books, seminars and his radio show, Larry gives investors the tools they need so that they can make money in a rapidly rising market.

Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

  • Seller Financing under Dodd Frank
    • Dodd Frank affects seller financing for consumers only – read Larry’s report here (past Invest Florida Episode on Dodd-Frank Seller Financing)
    • Residential Mortgage Loan Officers specialized in seller financing should review loan applications – view Larry’s RMLO Directory
  • Marketing & Finding Deals
    • HUD houses - HUDHomestore.com
    • Secondary markets
    • Craigslist
    • Direct-mailing
    • Agent/Broker networking
  • Resources & Links

To find out more about working with Larry on future deals or for other investment questions, visit larrygoins.com or call his office at (877) LARRYGO (527-7946)

Ep. 105 Kurt Westfield: A Journey from Single Family to Multifamily Investing

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multifamily investingMost real estate investors starting out will try their hand at single family investing first. Single family properties are familiar, small-scale and generally easy to tackle for first-time investors.

However, many investors will find they have a limited ceiling for growth with single family properties. Juggling dozens of single family properties while actively marketing for new investments no longer becomes practical. Apart from wholesaling, flipping and other similar single family markets, the next logical step for many investors is to make the move to multifamily investing.

Multifamily investing may be intimidating to some, but while it is a different ball-game than single family, the two do share a few commonalities and the overall benefit of multifamily investing outweighs the risk.

Just ask Kurt Westfield.

Kurt moved to Florida from New York and, in 2008, co-founded an investment partnership, WC Equity Group. They then entered into Tampa’s single family investment market.

After doing 102 single family deals in his first two years, Kurt new it was time to make a change if he wanted to scale his investment growth.

Kurt turned to multifamily investing and has since expanded to also offer lending, management and syndication services under his umbrella firm, WC Companies. In addition to Tampa, WC Equity Group also has properties in Jacksonville, FL and Cleveland, OH.

Check out Kurt’s story going from single family to multifamily investing and what he learned along the way!

Tools for Multifamily Investing

  • Market Timing
    • Understand where market could go, not where it is.
  • Fringe Markets
    • Areas on edge of of hot market’s outward growth, i.e. markets around South Tampa
    • Similar tenant quality to class-a markets, better price points
    • Gentrification/community redevelopment occurring
    • Value-add opportunity
  • Network
    • Working relationships with brokers
    • Like-minded investor base
    • Reliable team of contractors/sub-contractors
  • Responsiveness
    • Be prompt and responsive for potential investment deals. Assure potential investors of trust-worthiness.
  • Mentors/Inspiration

Kurt is always interested in working with bright, like-minded investors and brokers to expand his network in multifamily investing.

To contact Kurt with potential deals or to find out about the services his companies offer, visit www.wccompanies.com, click on any company tab and find the contact section.

Check out their Facebook Page!



E35 Michael Quarles – Some Tips on How to Market and Find Winning Investment Properties

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2979 For new investors, marketing to potential investment opportunities is never the easiest part or most enjoyable part of building a strong and successful investment base. Even for seasoned investors, it can be difficult to maintain a steady level of return in increasingly competitive markets. In Florida large, multi-family market areas, including Tampa and Miami have recently seen a decrease in number of closings on property transactions.

As founder the largest direct-mail marketing site in the nation YellowLetters.com, Michael Quarles is an expert in the field of marketing and with over 1000 real estate deals under his belt, he can provide invaluable insight and tips on how to market and find winning investment properties. He shares with us some tried and tested marketing strategies proven to boost number of returns on investments.

  • Marketing is “oxygen and water” for business
  • Cast a wide net: Cluster Marketing offers greater returns
    • Bandit Signs
    • Direct-mailing
    • Cold Calling/Cold Greeting
    • Billboards
    • Car-Wraps
    • Radio/TV/Newspaper
  • Direct-Mailing is an effective marketing strategy
    • Variety of mailings available
      1. Yellow Letters – formatted to appear as handwritten notes
      2. Small/Large-Text Postcards
      3. Professional Letter
      4. Greeting Cards – sent in line with corresponding holidays
      5. Zip Letter – formatted to appear as government checks
  • Market to properties that hold sufficient equity-base
  • When marketing to commercial investments, use professionally drafted letters or professional ad-copy
  • Michael’s Tips for Successful Marketing:
    • Be Persistent
    • Be Consistent
    • Know and Employ Predictable Marketing Strategies
    • Negotiate Effectively

To find out more about the variety of direct-mail pieces available, visit: YellowLetters.com

Michael also has a blog where he offers advice and mentorship for investors who want to “stop investing passively and start investing massively!”



EP29 – Gavin Welch: 5 Tips on How to Find Off Market Real Estate Deals

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Finding Off Market Deals

For those new to investment real estate markets, pulling the trigger on a new potential property can be difficult. It is important to strategize and form a plan for your investments. A thorough plan will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to execute an investment property acquisition. Discovering untapped or overlooked real estate markets can also provide opportunity for investments.


Gavin Welch is real estate agent based out of Lakeland, FL. He has years of experience  in finding investment properties as well as managing several of his own. Gavin discusses five helpful tips for scouting these off-market properties and how you can build a successful investment base in these properties.

Gavin can be reached at:

Phone: 863-670-0303

In addition to his own podcast The Real Estate Loop, you can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Obtain evictions list from County Clerk
    1. Cross-reference names with Property Appraisers
    2. Notify landlord/owner of property interest with hand-written note in mail


  1. Scout absentee owners
    1. Absentee owner lists may be purchased or compiled manually
    2. Often property is inherited or owner holds little interest


  1. Build a strong referral base
      1. Word-of-mouth can be strongest marketing tool
      2. Networking, social circles, and family can all be sources of referral


  2. Seek abandoned or neglected properties
    1. Burned-out or mold-ridden properties may offer high returns
    2. Ask public service workers (garbagemen, mail person) or neighbors for information on properties


  1. Pull code violations from city code enforcement
    1. Owner may be eager to sell to cut losses or unable to continue costs of maintenance
    2. Code Enforcement Dept. may offer leniency with some violations if issues addressed

Book recommendation – Landlording on Auto-Pilot

Advice – Don’t get emotionally attached to the property you are buying or holding.

Learn what Gavin tells us about finding off market deals!