EP24 Joel Block- How to Raise Money for Bigger Real Estate Deals

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251ab4eYou are a successful real estate investor. You have want to acquire larger assets, but lack the equity. How do you acquire the funds? What is the process? What are the rules?

Our guest on the show is Joel G. Block the CEO of the Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC and founder of the National Association of Syndicators.  Syndicating real estate is the method investment firms use to pool larger sums of capital to acquire larger assets.  Syndication is an excellent mechanism for people to put together groups of investors to acquire larger assets than they ordinarily would be able to acquire. It also helps investors who don’t have the time to go out and find their own deals, let alone the time to manage the property, to invest in and benefit from ownership is real estate.

Relevant Points Discussed on the Show…

  • Revenues that come from Syndication
  • General Solicitation
  • The Risks and Rewards of Syndication
  • The Financial side of Syndication
  • Customers who are the right fit in a syndication deal

 Quotes from the show

The money is not in the real estate, the money is in the money.”- Joel G. Block

“New technologies create new ways of doing business.”- Steven Silverman

“Fear and greed is what makes the world go around.”- Eric Odum

“Once you learn how the money works, you will be surprised at how many opportunities are out there.”

-Joel G. Block

Contact Information


Finally, if you are interested in learning more about syndication visit Joel G. Block’s blog at syndicatefast.com where he posts videos and free literature about the many facets of syndication.


EP23 Dan Feinman – From Single Family Investor to Hard Money Lender and Note Buyer


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Dan Feinman went from Wall Street to Florida real estate investor. The stark differences in value between the New York and Florida real estate markets allowed Dan to recognize a real opportunity in front of him with property in Florida. In between, he managed to travel the world and marry , settling in the Tampa area and starting a family.

His entrance in to the world of single family investing was during the worst economic crisis in a lifetime. The downturn, however, did not hurt him or slow his progress. The dire economic situation allowed him to sharpen his skills and emerge stronger.  It allowed (or forced him) to be nimble and open-minded about how to make money in the business…teaching him lessons that will serve him throughout his career.    Dan used savings and savvy investment techniques to purchase his first investment properties.   He experimented with buy and hold, rehab and flipping and then taught himself how to lend to investors just like him.  We hope you enjoy Dan’s discussion of his journey.

Topics Discussed on the show…

–  Advantages of hard money 

–  Key factors to look at when purchasing an investment property

–  Keys to creating more equity

–  Building relationships with banks and other local lenders

–  Techniques for first time buyers

–  Strategies Dan uses to find good investment opportunities

–  Hard money Loans defined and dissected

–  Strategies in obtaining a hard money loan

Interesting Quotes from the show

“You have to love talking about real estate.“ –Dan Feinman

“You learn something new with every house flip that you do.” –Dan Feinman

“You have to do what you love.” –Dan Feinman

“The key to creating more equity is relationships” – Dan Feinman

“Fine the borderline of where a neighborhood is changing. You will find value there.”

Dan’s Favorite spot to hang out

The Hideaway Café in St. Petersburg, FL

Contact Information

646- 320 7997



Dan’s final piece of advice

Learn by doing and go ahead and take the plunge.



EP21 – How to Properly Insure Your Investment Property

mikeToday our guest on the show is Mike Buice from L&M Insurance discusses how to get the correct coverage on your investment properties.  Mike is also an investor of real estate.  Insurance for investment real estate is different from insuring your own personal residence.  Mike takes us step by step through various scenarios in insuring properties the right way.


Important Points Discussed on the Show

  • The 3 primary ways to title real estate investment properties
  • Determining the insurance that is right for you
  • Basic coverage policies for residential and commercial properties
  • Information on the different types of insurance that tenants need
  • Insurance on properties that were recently purchased
  • Biggest mistakes an investor can make when insuring their properties

Quote of the Show

“Insuring a property properly is vital.”-  Mike Buice

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding insurance you can contact Mike Buice at

813-672-4100 or visit the website at http://landminsurancegroup.com/ group.com.

EP20 – What is a Section 1031 Exchange, What Are the Proposed Changes to the Law and How Will the Changes Affect You?

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Selling a property and dreading writing a check to the IRS on the capital gains?  There is a way you can DEFER capital gains on real estate.  It is written in the Code of the IRS as Code Section 1031, or 1031 exchanges, as they are commonly known. What is a Section 1031 exchange?  Learn more here:

Our guest for this podcast is Michael Brady.  Michael is the Vice President and Corporate Council for Riverside 1031, and a Certified Exchange Specialist.   and has over twenty years of experience in dealing with 1031 exchanges.  Michael takes us through some of the excellent advantages of executing a 1031 exchange, as well as, the basic concept of a 1031 exchange.  He also reveals how a 1031 exchange can help investors defer taxes when selling real estate.

The rules are constantly under fire, however, from Congress.  What many don’t understand about 1031 Exchanges, though, is they have far reaching implications in to the economy, beyond just real estate.  1031 exchanges can also be used for capital equipment and other assets.  Meddling with the current regulations could have severe consequences for the economy as a whole.  Learn what is being proposed in DC, how it will effect the real estate and the implications for the entire economy.

Important points discussed on the show

  • A brief history of the concept of 1031 exchanges
  • Time Requirements for 1031 exchanges
  • How to conduct a 1031 exchange
  • FERPA Regulations
  • Current rule change proposals out of Washington
  • How rule changes will effect Florida.

Quote of The Show

“A relevant topic for everyone in real estate investment.”– Steven

Contact Information

Michael Brady and his company provide their service to all fifty States so if you are looking to contact him…

Email- Mbrady@RS1031.com

Phone-  718-226-0300

Also if you are looking to voice your opinion visit 1031taxreform.com and follow the link to send a message to your local representative.

EP17 – How One Investor Segued from Single Family Homes to Multi-Family Investing

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Multifamily InvestorChris Urso is a multifamily real estate investor and coach.  His real estate company, URS Capital Partners, now controls over 50 million dollars of real estate throughout the Midwest and Southwest of America.  Chris began investing in real estate at the young age of 21 years old when he bought a 2-family in 2001 with the money his parents were intending on using for his college loans.  In this podcast, Chris covers a range of topics from how to get started, what has worked for him and hasn’t worked and how he structures his deals.

One of his proudest moments in his investing career was purchasing a 280 unit building in Charleston, SC for 7.2 million dollars.  Urso then invested 2 million dollars into renovations for the property.  All in all Urso plans on selling the property in the next two years for a 3 million dollar profit.

Points Discussed on the Show


Chris Urso gave some great advice throughout the show.  One piece of advice he gave is that it is important to focus your energy on one specific type of investing.  Urso also stresses the need for every young investor to have a mentor or a coach in their life to help guide them.

Quote’s from the show

“Anyone who says they’ve never lost money in real estate is full of you know what. “- Chris Urso

“You can’t dance at every wedding.”- Steven

“Stay focused on the end game.”- Chris Urso

“Don’t do a deal just for the sake of doing a deal.”- Chris Urso

Favorite Places in Florida

Urso’s favorite spots to hang out in Florida are Del Ray Beach as well as the beaches on the West Coast.

Favorite Book

Rich Dad Poor Dad by  Robert T. Kiyosaki

 Contact Info



EP16 – Is Jacksonville a City for Millennials? (Real Estate Market Overview)


Is Jacksonville a City for Millennials? – Real Estate Market Overview

jacksonville-cruise-portTim Becker, Director of the Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Florida talks Jacksonville in the 4th part of our 4 part series, covering the major real estate markets in the State of Florida.  This series is in anticipation of the Bergstrom Center’s Trends and Strategies conference from February 26th-27th in Orlando.


Becker reveals that Jacksonville has really taken off in the last couple of years, enough so that Jacksonville is catching up to other major markets in Florida such as Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.

Important Points Discussed:

Quote of the episode

“Everyone is chasing the Millennials.” –Tim Becker

Also do not forget to register for Center’s Trends and Strategies Conference February 26-27 in Orlando, Fl. By following the link and simply registering!

Contact Info

Stutzin Hall
PO Box 117168
Gainesville, FL  32611-7169

EP15 – How One Investor Acquired 9 Apartment Complexes with Great Mortgages in Only 18 MONTHS!

Today our guest on the show is a multi-family real estate expert by the name of Michael Becker.  Becker  is the Senior Director of Lending for Old Capital Lending and Principal in

Michael Becker - Apartment InvestorSPI Advisory, a real estate investment firm specializing in the Multifamily Apartment investments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  What is surprising about Becker’s story is the breathtakingly short period of time he was grown his portfolio.  In two years, he has acquired 9 complexes with more coming this fiscal year.   Becker started out as a lender, when the light bulb came on one day and he made the decision to move from collecting a check to taking control.  He originally started in the single family market and quickly came to the conclusion that he could not grow the single family business with the speed necessary to meet his goals.

Steven and Eric cover much more than just Becker’s investment history.  Michael possesses the knowledge to talk frankly about how to acquire debt to purchase multifamily properties.  He touches on many types of lending from small, community bank borrowing to Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS), and his personal favorite, agency debt (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac).  Find out the pros and cons of each one of the debt options and learn why Michael likes the agency lenders so much!

Other Important Points Discussed:

  • Syndication Strategies
  • Off Market Deals
  • Property Management Strategies
  • Importance of Education
  • Inspection – Due diligence
  • RUBS – Ratio Utility Billing System
  • Water Conservation System
  • Mistakes made in the 2008 downturn
  • His firm lends in Florida and has done a deal recently in Jacksonville

Quotable – “Running toilets is the sound of making money to me.”

ABC’s of Real Estate Investing
The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing by Ken McEleroy.

Get involved – Educate yourself
Find a Good Property Management
Get a good physical inspection
You are never going to know everything you need to know. Avoid paralysis by analysis.

Favorite part of Florida – Panhandle .


Old Capital Lending


EP13 – {Podcast} When Did You Start Investing in Real Estate?

…this investor considered buying his first property shortly after buying his first car! Listen to more:

tony Muniz tampaTony Muniz, a Tampa, Fl native, started off in real estate investing at the ripe old age of 18, with no money and little real world experience.  Tony bought his first home in 1979 for $5,000 by convincing an owner to provide him financing.  By the age of twenty two years old he owned approximately eighty homes throughout Ybor city and Sulfur Springs.

Like every other real estate investor in America Tony was affected by the economic downturn of 2008, but he not only survived he came out stronger and shares his his experiences on tough markets.

Quotes and Tid Bits of Advice:

  • Real estate investors, especially, have to live within their means.”
  • Have the ability to realize when you are simply not fit for an investment.  Tony reveals that sometimes you need to, “Do what you do best”.  You should not waste your time, energy, or resources on tasks that you are not able to complete successfully.
  • Sometimes its better to me lucky than to be good…..Tony believes that Tampa’s bubbling economy contributed greatly to his real estate success.
  • Losing money is not necessarily a bad experience. The only way to know how to not get your nose bloodied is to get your nose bloodied and then make sure it does not happen again

Is he still in the Market?

Tony is currently looking to invest in retail centers that are anywhere from 20,000-50,000 square feet.

Most influential educational tool? Nothing Down: How to Buy Real Estate With Little or No Money Down ~ Robert Allen.

Favorite Restaurant –  Carmine’s in Ybor City.

The best way to reach Tony is his email Tony@gabrieltampa.com or his cell phone number which is 813-932-7944.