Ep. 57 Albert Berriz – McKinley Bullish on I-4 Corridor for Multi-Family

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00f4451Florida real estate investors should be familiar with the name McKinley. With over 55 million square feet of commercial and residential real estate in 34 states, McKinley, Inc. is 37th largest real estate investment and management firm in the nation.

Albert Berriz, CEO, Co-owner & Co-Managing Member of McKinley talks with us this week about the firm’s special interest in Florida. The Interstate 4 Corridor, connecting Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando and Daytona Beach is favorite of McKinley for it’s unique position as a major economic engine for Florida. The firm owns and manages 55 multi-family communities along the I-4 corridor. Albert discusses the firm’s attraction to the corridor as a region of of immense population growth.

  • I-4 Corridor
    • Tampa/St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Orlando, Daytona Beach
    • 3/5 of Florida Residents centralized around I-4
    • 6.5 million residents (6th largest population concentration by geographic area in U.S.)
  • Economic Growth
    • 1.3 times over growth rate of South Florida
    • Panama Canal to introduce Port of Tampa to new markets
    • All Aboard Florida rail project to provide high-speed transit between Orlando and South Florida
      • Tourism/Entertainment
        • Theme Parks in Orlando and Tampa
        • Coastal attractions

For any investor seeking to improve their success in the real estate market, Albert believes that a mentor is an invaluable resource for investors. The expertise and understanding of a seasoned investor can provide knowledge and guidance to make actionable investment decisions.

Albert cites Colin Powell as a distinct influence on his development as a leader. Despite his focus in military and politics as opposed to business, Gen. Powell established himself as a true leader in his field and exhibits the qualities of leadership that can be applied to any individual.

Check out Colin Powell’s literature on leadership on Amazon

To find out more about Mckinley’s properties in Florida visit their website



Ep. 56 – Karma Senge: Trials & Tribulations of a MultiFamily Investor

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1f396c8When it comes to multifamily investing, the size of the deals is often the most intimidating, but as we know, with bigger risks come bigger rewards.There is always a reason not to do something. The transition to becoming a multifamily investor may seem overwhelming but many investors make the move into multifamily markets and overcome the obstacles to become successful multifamily investors.

Karma Senge is a multifamily investor with quite an interesting story. Like most real estate investors, Karma cut his teeth in investing in the single-family markets. After entering the market in the early 2000s, Karma had soon acquired over 350 properties in his portfolio and was single-handedly managing them all. After a brief departure from real estate investing to recover from the stress of single-family investing, Karma reentered the market with a focus on multifamily investing. Despite his renewed vigor, Karma had to work his way back from the ground up in the multifamily market, eventually acquiring his first investment on a 6-property portfolio. Karma’s story is one of hard work and perseverance. Karma managed to overcome the obstacles ahead of him and establish himself as a successful multifamily investor in Florida and the Southeast U.S.

  • Alternative Financing
    • Seller-financing and creative debt options provide an appealing alternative to institutional debt options
  • Due Diligence
    • Researching markets and properties is imperative before committting to any deal
  • Find a Mentor

    • Someone who is an experienced multifamily investor can serve as an invaluable source of information and guidance
  • Have a Team
    • A team of experienced staff or even a partner can help to manage responsibilities and stress
  • Community Investing
    • It is important to consider tenants when investing in multifamily. Invest in community-oriented projects and developments.

Karma recommends:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, PhD for those thinking of entering into multifamily investing.

If you would like to find out more about Karma’s investment firm, please visit his website

you can contact Karma via email at karmalodrowsenge@gmail.com


Ep. 55 – Brian Bandell: Update on the South Florida Real Estate Market

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3657aafSouth Florida has always been in a class apart from the rest of the state in terms of real estate development. The South Florida real estate market has lead the state in real estate investment and growth. Despite it’s ups and downs the South Florida real estate market has historically been a market indicator in terms of development and investment activity. South Florida’s unique positioning and heavy influence of foreign investment makes this market an interesting and dynamic one.

Brian Bandell is a senior journalist with the South Florida Business Journal covering real estate, transportation and logistics. For over a decade, Brian has served the South Florida business community. With an expert ear for news, Brian gives us a brief, but detailed overview of the South Florida real estate market and what is in store for future developments in the area.

  •  $7.5 billion in construction starts in Miami and South Florida
    • Condominium/Multi-family
    • Retail
  • Developers/Developments
  • South Florida economy driven by tourism and foreign investment
    • Heavily dependent on international markets
    • Strengthening of USD may adversely affect South Florida investments
  • Miami moving towards transit city
    • Metrorail connects major points in Miami
    • Metromover connects Downtown Miami
    • Trirail connects Miami to West Palm Beac
    • All Aboard Florida rail project will connect Miami to Orlando
  • Issues
    • Commuting is still difficult in South Florida for those who don’t live near transit stations or commute by car
    • Development in South Florida does not represent demographics
      1. Developments are for high-end/luxury spaces
      2. Middle-income bracket job growth not suited to high-end developments
    • Rapid rent increases
      1. Multi-family rent increases: 8.8% in Miami-Dade, 7.1% in Broward and 5.8% in Palm Beach
      2. Weekly wage increase: 2%

To find out more about Brian’s work with the South Florida Business Journal visit their website

In addition to his journalistic successes, Brian is also a published author of fiction! Look for his books on Amazon


Ep. 54 Rob Gidel – Tips on How to Help Prevent an Attorney from Killing Your Real Estate Deal

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651Enlisting the counsel of an attorney is a necessary part of any real estate deal. Whether for general investment oversight or to oversee specific terms of the deal, an understanding of the integral legal stipulations is essential to any real estate deal. An attorney’s involvement has a tremendous influence on the outcome of any real estate deal. Often, the counsel provided by attorneys has the power to sway a deal towards a negative or positive outcome for all parties involved. An overly aggressive attorney or one not specialized in real estate law has the potential to ruin good deals. For novice and beginner investors especially, it can be intimidating to negotiate with attorneys in a real estate deal. Investors and attorneys need to enter into a real estate deal with an open, cooperative attitude to ensure a successful transaction for all parties.

Robert Gidel, Jr. is a real estate attorney with just this mindset. He believes that an attorney should serve as an adviser to their client and not commandeer the transaction. Robert knows that communication is the key to a successful real estate transaction. This episode, Robert shares tips to help investors, sellers, brokers and attorneys get the best out of a real estate deal.

  • Effective Communication
    • Prevents extraneous fees, missed deadlines, cancelled deals
    • All parties should remain open and up-front
  • Possible Risk vs. Plausible Risk
    • Attorneys often draft generic risk-assessments on properties. Investors should know how to identify plausible problems apart from possible problems
    • Have real estate brokers involved in risk-assessment discussions
    • Allow attorney to understand specific intentions for investment
  • Attorneys in Negotiations
    • Several approaches: collaborative, adversarial and competitive
    • Collaborative is most effective in terms of cost and time
    • Attorneys should approach negotiations from a holistic perspective; they should represent their client but understand other party’s perspective
  • Extent of Attorney Engagement
    • Always outline attorney’s involvement with deal explicitly with Engagement Letters
  • Tips
    • Always retain attorneys specialized in certain aspects of real estate transactions. Ill-prepared or under-certified attorneys may delay or prevent deals
    • Clients should have attorneys provide up-front estimates for fees based off past experiences

To find out more about Robert and the services his firm, Gardner Brewer Martinez-Monfort offers, visit the company website


Ep. 53 – Ken McElroy: Tips on Investing in Multi-Family Property

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ken-mcelroy-1Investing in multi-family property has its definite upsides. Investors who have considered multi-family investing know that it is an intimidating process: the stakes are much higher. Our guest this week has made calculated investments in multi-family properties…and it’s paid off big.

Ken McElroy may be the expert on investing in multi-family property. As founding partner of MC Companies, Ken oversees day-to-day operations of a nearly 10,000-unit portfolio of multi-family properties. With over 20 years experience in the field, Ken covers the key tips on investing in multi-family property.

  1. What to Know About Multi-Family
    1. Bigger is better
      1. Higher return rate than single-family
      2. Easier to finance
      3. Enables support staffing
      4. Does not require as many deals as single-family
    2. Requires long-term investing
      1. Unlike “flipping” single-family properties
    3. Familiar market landscape
      1. Single-family investors will recognize the similar processes in terms of due-diligence, lending and raising capital
    4. Multi-family debt market options
      1. Ken advises agency debt options for financing such as FANNIE MAE
        1. Tedious underwriting, but offers favorable rates and pricing
        2. Non-recourse
        3. Supplemental pieces available (not forced to sell existing properties before purchasing new ones)
        4. Not taxable
  2. Advice to Investors
    1. Due-diligence is key
      1. Track upcoming cities and neighborhoods
      2. Follow market trends and economic trends
      3. Tailor search for specific markets (e.g. retirees, single-family homeowners, renters)
    2. Real estate is cyclical
      1. Look to where the market is heading not where it is at present
    3. Good property management is a must for multi-family
      1. Use local, knowledgeable, responsive PM firms
    4. Finding deals
      1. Look for properties that are mismanaged
        1. Mismanaged properties may be holding unrealized “value-add potential”
      2. Stay focused on specific areas
        1. Do not expand to quickly or invest in remote locations
      3. National and local brokerage firms, in-house acquisition teams good resources for finding deals

More about Ken:

Ken is the author of The ABCs of Real Estate Investing as well as several other books covering all aspects of investing in multi-family property and property management.

He has also partnered with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and serves as an adviser for Rich Dad

To find out more about Ken or MC Companies, visit their website – www.mccompanies.com

To find out more about Ken’s books or other informational resources he offers check out his website – www.kenmcelroy.com