Ep 39 Greg Bugay – Things You Should Know About Growing a Vacation Rental Business

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Greg BugayThe vacation rental market is a fresh and exciting trend in investment real estate that is appealing to investors of varying degrees of experience. Vacation rental markets represent a fun and diverse rental market as well as offering consistent returns on investments.

This week, Greg Bugay stops buy to discuss his experiences as an entrepreneurial vacation rental investor in South Florida and provides us with key tips for growing a successful vacation rental business. As a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur”, Greg has made a livelihood of endeavoring into new markets. Prior to finding success in the South Florida vacation rental market, Greg worked as an IT specialist and consultant. Greg and his wife were introduced to the vacation rental market after a period of renting 1/2 of their primary duplex residence to long-term tenants. Since mid-2014 Greg and his wife have acquired two more vacation rental properties and have found considerable success in the vacation rental business. The vacation rental market is a fun and accessible market for almost any investor who shares the same enthusiasm and dedication as Greg!

  • Accessible and Affordable Market
    • Airbnb – Greg’s preferred method, a popular and low-cost vacation rental site (property listers charged 3% fee)
    • VRBO – an alternative and long-standing vacation rental site
  • High opportunities for returns
    • Greg enjoys 100% return on expenses per month
  • High Renter Rate
    • Vacancy rates as low as 8% annually
  • Greg’s  Tips
    • Live on property or have property manager for vacation rental
    • Check with any Co-ops, HOAs, Condo Associations etc. for short-term rental policies
    • Be careful who you rent to *no locals looking for party house*
  • Upcoming Vacation Rental Markets?
    • Cuba maybe priming to become an explosive new vacation rental market
    • Airbnb currently currently listing properties in Cuba

To contact Greg for more information or to find out about his vacation rentals available contact him by email, at: gregbugay@comcast.net

If you are considering using Airbnb for the first time for a vacation, ask Greg about a special discount coupon!

Ep 38 Barney Killinger – Working the Central Florida Auction Market

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barney 3

Potential investors looking to get into the Florida real estate market are often held back by the fear that they don’t have the capability, time or resources to make the right investment decisions. There are a million reasons to say, “I can’t do it because…”

Our guest this week is Barney Killinger of Pro Auctions Services. Barney is a foreclosure auction expert, purchasing properties at foreclosure auctions for investors. His company, servicing mainly Central Florida, provides investors with a consolidated portfolio of foreclosure auction markets available for bid in several counties.

Barney is a great guest not only for his enormous well-spring of knowledge and experience SSPX0099in the Central Florida auction market but for his inspirational story. In 2010, Barney was involved in a head-on collision and suffered a severely fractured neck. While bed-ridden and amidst surgeries Barney continued to pursue his dream of achieving success in foreclosure auction markets and managed to organize and execute successful bids on 40 properties in a 45 day period from his hospital bed. Barney is living proof that you absolutely can succeed as an investor with perseverance and dedication.

  • Florida foreclosure market still going strong
    • Courts still holding and processing foreclosure cases
    • Large amounts of “reserve stock” properties
    • Most likely to reach its peak mid-2018
  • High Risk/High Reward
    • Title issues
    • Structural damage
    • Risks can be minimized with right knowledge and resources
  • Returns on foreclosure auction investments
    • 65-75% average for investors
    • 12-15% average per month on remodel/rehab properties
    • 3-6% average per month on wholesale flips
  • FL Open Bid system
    • Investors have access to bank/lender’s selling prices prior to sale
  • FL 10-day Title Redemption Law
    • 10 days allotted post-sale for owner/borrower to pay liens or for bank/lender to vacate foreclosure sale
    • If sale vacated by bank, make direct offer to bank on vacated property
  • Pro Auctions Services
    • Servicing mainly Central Florida auction market: Polk, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia County
    • Proxy Drivers – view and photograph property for buyer at auction
    • Proxy Bidders – buyers who represent investor at auction
  • Tips for SuccessVideo Pic
    • Always SEE the property before placing bid
    • Run title search
    • Who you work with and how you educate yourself is very important in real estate investments


For more information on Barney’s company and the services they offer, visit his site here

Contact the Pro Auctions team by email at auctions@proauctionsservices.com

or by calling the office at 863-687-4101



Ep. 37 June Fletcher Talks Naples Real Estate

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June_Fletcher_1433953767891_19585335_ver1.0_640_480 As a real estate investor, especially in Florida, it is important to remember one thing: there is no single real estate market. The Florida real estate markets are diverse and dynamic and are comprised of many different asset classes; from single and multi-family to commercial investment markets. Naples, on microcosmic scale, is a good representation of a diverse market. Although, with low supply of available property and a near-exclusive cash-buyer’s market leading to high real estate values, it can be difficult to find a footing in investing in Naples real estate.

June Fletcher can be considered an expert on real estate markets. She has been involved in business and real estate reporting for nearly 30 years and currently works as a Business and Real Estate reporter for the Naples Daily News. As local resident of Naples, she has the inside scoop on the current state of the Naples real estate markets.

  • Naples is one of highest Cash Markets in US
    • Represent 7/10 buyers
  • Collier County very diverse demographically
    • Marco Island + City of Naples, largely wealthy
    • Immokalee + other outlying areas, lower-income
  • Higher-price market averages compared with FL
    • Naples – $432k for single-family, $285k for townhomes/condos
    • FL – $200k for single-family, $159k for townhomes/condos
  • Higher net-worth value than state and national markets
    • City of Naples – $752k
    • State of FL – $395k
    • US – $496k
  • Decrease in Institutional Investor transactions (buys 10 or more units in calendar year)
  • Not affordable for local residents
    • Average income – $55k per year
    • Not many multi-family developments or affordable living projects
    • Ave Maria – planned community 20 mi. from City of Naples
    • Long commutes

If you are looking to visit Naples for investment opportunities or just to enjoy its natural splendor, June recommends stopping by The Bayhouse Restaurant for some great local flavor and grub or to catch a live Celtic band!

If you wish to contact June for more information on Naples real estate, email her at: fletcher.june@gmail.com

Look for June’s book, House Poor available now!


E36 – Jason Hartman – Building and Diversifying Your Real Estate Portfolio

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jason-hartman-speaking A common difficulty for real estate investors is making the jump into diversification: diversifying one’s investments can lead to larger returns and can provide supplemental support or income if one market fails, but it may prove intimidating to manage investments in several different market types. Investors are usually more comfortable investing in a single market rather than risk a loss in unknown markets.

For Jason Hartman, its all about diversification. Jason has been involved in the brokerage of several thousand real estate transactions and owned investment properties in 11 states and 17 cities. In his long career, Jason has championed diversification of investment markets and his company, Platinum Properties Investor Network assists investors with acquiring income properties in diverse markets. Jason joins us on the podcast to discuss his strategies for building and diversifying your real estate portfolio.

  • Diversify – Investors should be involved in about 3-5 different real estate markets
  • Be a Direct Investor – Starting investors should experience full control and ownership of property
  • Educate Yourself
    • Learn Your Markets
    • Podcasts, blogs, info products, and home study provide inexpensive and valuable Information
  • 3 Market Types
    1. Linear
    2. Cyclical
    3. Hybrid
  • FL is Good Hybrid Market
    • Good appreciation potential
    • Decent cashflow
    • Good diversification opportunity
  • All Real Estate is Local
    • No single “housing market”
    • About 400 local markets in U.S.
  • Top U.S. Markets
    • Memphis, TN – stable rental market
    • Little Rock, AR – landlord-friendly state
    • Indianapolis – strong industry, commercial growth
    • Atlanta, Birmingham, Kansas City also good markets
  • “Don’t Wait to Buy Real Estate…Buy Real Estate and Wait”

To find out more about Jason’s company or for more resources on building and diversifying your real estate portfolio, visit: jasonhartman.com

Contact Jason on Twitter at: @JasonHartmanROI

Also, tune in to Jason’s podcast for great advice and information on diversify your investments as well as increasing your financial literacy.